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Online Cloud Backup

We provide Cloud Backup (BDR) Services from configuration to implementation to businesses throughout the United States. Whether you are backing up a small business network, or large company network or a home office network, Coastal Computer Systems can help you choose the right Cloud Backup plan. It is crucial to maintain a backup of critical business data and financial records with a secure Cloud Backup Plan. With an Cloud Backup Plan your companys most vulnerable data and information is safe, secure and easily available whenever you need it.

Hard drive crashes, hardware issues, and accidental file deletion can occur at any time and could bring your companys daily operations to a halt. Statistics show that almost 95% of businesses will have a significant data loss in the next five years. Most of the traditional backup devices currently used are expensive, time consuming, and often fail to backup.

Cloud Backup is available for Windows based Servers, Mac Computers, Mobile Devices, and computers. Whether you are a small business network or a large business network with several users, we offer several Cloud Backup plans with a variety of storage space options.

We have helped several of our business clients implement a Cloud Backup Plan which is affordable, secure and simple.

Reduced Productivity Costs Reduces overall IT expenses including hardware and software.
Remote Access Employees, partners and clients can access, and update information wherever they are.
Security All data will be stored securely and backed up in the cloud.
Scalability Scale your business storage needs rather seamlessly only pay for the storage you need.
Disaster Proof Peace of mind for a disaster such as losing power due to hurricanes, earthquakes or construction
 Benefits of Online Backup
  • Secure
  • Affordable
  • Easily Assessable
  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Flexible

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