Hurricane Checklist

Before a storm:

According to the Hurricane website you should have a Business Survival Plan prepared to serve as a comprehensive guide to safeguard your business. This Survival Plan provides steps to improve employee safety and protect property as well as important company information. It serves as an important tool to enforce your business’ emergency plan in the event of any disaster. Keep this plan handy by printing it out and ensure you have covered all the relevant steps before the Hurricane Season begins.

Back-up documents that are not easily produced such as insurance documents, legal contracts, tax returns, and accounting statements to avoid water damage. Save all your designated contacts and documents in an alternate, accessible off-site location. Backup all important data from your computer online or at least to external device such as an external HD or cloud backup.

Take digital pictures of all personal property and valuable items, including any serial numbers or identifying marks and keep both on a USB flash drive. Make at least 2 copies and keep one of them with you at all times in something waterproof like a zip lock bag. Also keep one of them stored in a Safety deposit box or Fire safe. You can also upload this data to the cloud on an online drive or online backup service.

Use a UPS battery backup at all times for desktop computers, especially in stormy weather.

If purchasing or planning on using a portable generator, make sure it is capable of powering sensitive electronic devices.

Keep an extra battery around for your smart phone if possible.

Purchase a car charger for your cellphone, or small power inverter for charging tablets, cell phone or powering laptops.

During a Storm:

Unplug computers and all electronic devices.

If you have power you can keep track of alerts, the storm track, and any other advisories on you smart phone, computer or tablet.

After a Storm:

If you need Internet access shortly after a storm you can use a 3g or 4g cellular modem or access point, if wired services such as Comcast or AT&T are down.