Keep an Eye on Home Remotely

Have you ever wanted to check on your home or business when you where away? Or have you ever gone out of town and realized that you forgot to change the temperature on the air conditioner, turn the front lights on, or turn off the hot water heater? It can be a terrible feeling, but there are solutions out there for that.

With today’s ever connected world you can observe and even control the status of appliance, lights, thermostats, entry doors, etc... You can even checkup on your pets or the people you have hired or asked to take care of your property and pets. And you can do it all from your smart phone, laptop, or tablet computer from just about anywhere.

There are many ways to automate your home or business. In the past if you wanted to automate your home or business, you would have needed to plan ahead, pre wire and use expensive proprietary equipment. Today you can retrofit your existing home or business with switches and controllers that are very reasonably priced. You can also add wireless or wired network cameras inside and outside your home to keep an eye on everything.

Once all the switches and devices are installed to your existing electrical system you can remotely monitor and control your home from anywhere. You can also setup timed schedules for your lights, thermostats, water heater, pool / spa, sprinklers and other devices. When you come home everything will be ready for you.

Home automation also enables you to create different scenes for different events like watching movies, throwing parties, etc… For example you can hit a button and have the lights dim inside, the shades come down, the music come on by the pool, and the outside lights come on. How’s that for convenience?

The great part is you can start small with just a few automated devices and a controller and add more devices later. If you want to keep an eye on your property you can add analog security cameras with a Digital Video Recorder and connect to it to the Internet, or you can add digital wireless or wired ip cameras and connect them directly to your network. When logged into the security cameras it is even possible to view previously recorded video.

If you are somewhat tech savy you can install and program this equipment yourself. If not you can call in a professional like me to design and install a system that fits your needs.

Today the price of technology is making easier to have the peace of mind and luxury that was previously only available to the very elite.